Un-travel Journal – Day 64

I finished my work exchange/internship up in Alabama, and now I’m back here in Saint Cloud, Florida at my parents’ house adjusting to life not on the road. It’s going pretty well, and I’ve noticed my motivation level is at an all time high now that I’m working on my own projects with all the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last few months. The first thing I did when I got here was build my own pad so I could maintain focus on the things I’m working toward by having a place to keep my energy focused.


I popped up a tent, put together a cooking surface, set up a few chairs, strung up a canopy, installed a water catchment for dishes, and threw down some mulch. Now I have a place to call home while I’m working on projects here and being around for my parents in their time of need.

After I got the place set up I dedicated my energy toward the forest garden I installed before I left.  Before:



And after:



And the pigmy rattle snake I found while doing the job:


The next informational post I’ll be putting up will be a walk through of exactly what is growing in the garden so you all can get some ideas of what to plant. Also, if anyone wants to come out and learn just get ahold of me and come on out. The biggest thing I miss about being on the road is the constant companionship of other Permaculture enthusiasts, but working on my own projects is also rewarding, and as soon as I feel the push I will be riding my bicycle into Saint Cloud and Orlando to visit and work on some other farms. I’m also trying to make a little money while in town, so let me know if any of you know someone that needs help 🙂 I’m looking for any sort of gardening or farm work. I’m also interested in learning skills in laying foundations, pavers, or other sorts of mason work.

I’ll also keep you all posted with my dad’s condition as we find out more info. Thursday is the big day that he meets with the doctors and finds out all the details on the diagnosis and treatment. I’ll also let you know what happens with the herbal salve treatment we will be beginning tomorrow. Much love! Thank you all for your support!


One thought on “Un-travel Journal – Day 64”

  1. Hey Matt. I hope all goes well with your father. I’ve been reading your travel journals and I’ve been thoroughly entertained by them. I appreciate that you’ve shared your journey thus far with everyone. If I hear of any work in St. Cloud I will get ahold of you man.

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