Travel Journal – Day 53

I’m still up here in Mentone Alabama, and I’m feeling quite a bit better. After the initial shock and confusion of finding out about my dad’s cancer I luckily came across some peace of mind after taking a lot of solitude time, meditation time, and then some community time at a local swimming hole. I’m very grateful that my mind has been at peace most of the way through my trip so far, and when it hasn’t, I have been able to find the circumstances and/or practices to allow it to return. May it continue to be that way forever forward, and for each of you too for that matter.


It’s also been a great time getting to know each of these awesome and dynamic people as we spend all this time in close quarters together.



Alongside this I’ve also been working on completing my food forest garden design by researching the heck out of local and climate friendly plants, testing soils, designing the layout, and digging a bunch of damn holes.


Not to mention I met some alpacas,


crawled through some small holes,


and of course, got weird.



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