Travel journal – Day 49

I’m into my second week here at Tranquility Campgrounds and I’m honestly feeling a little rough. I’m very low on energy and I slept from 6 pm last night to 6 this morning. That, combined with the hour long nap I took this afternoon should have done the job, but I still feel drained and a bit asocial. It can’t be helping that my dad was diagnosed with cancer two days ago and I’ve been corresponding with my family about the situation while trying to process the information and figure out what to do about my trip. No doubt this has taken a toll on my piece of mind and has also changed my trip plans, so I’m trying to feel out what I should do once I get back to Florida and how I can best support my family while still focusing on what is here in front of me.

So, to give you a little detail on my dad’s exact situation, he was just diagnosed with stage four “blue small cell cancer” which started in his tonsils and has moved to the lymph nodes in his neck. There is an 80% survival rate beyond 5 years when treated, which includes 7 months of chemo and radiation. First though, my dad will be trying a natural remedy I got from a friend’s father who administers natural cancer treatment in Canada using a Marijuana salve. He was kind enough to give me the directions to make it, so stay tuned for the results from that experiment.

I really just wanted to fill everybody in on this new turn off events, so I will keep you all up to date on his condition and what I will be doing with my trip.

Much Love,


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