Travel Journal – Day 47

I’ve been here at tranquility campgrounds for about a week now, and it’s been a change of pace from the last few places I visited. There’s six people here, where the largest group of people at any of the places I have stayed so far has been four, and the community is not only new, but diverse, and half of us are merely passing through. I luckily have ,what seems to be, an extra sense when it comes to avoiding the dramatic entanglements of group dynamics, but energy is required none the less, and I have been learning much.


The more I’ve allowed myself to get involved with this community of people, those who allow themselves to live outside of generally accepted societal norms, the more interesting life has become, but with it comes a certain sense of being amongst the forces of nature, where things are unpredictable, but more strangely real. I’ve found that each person’s differences allow me to notice and value the uniqueness of my own path. This situation, as I reflect upon it, stands in contrast to the pressures I felt from the work and school culture I left behind, where “normal” was written with a capital “n” and was defined by unquestioned adherence to outside judgment. I felt an underlying pressure to value the unwise things in life, to invest in the temporary, and to make light of that which needs the most attention. I could speculate on what fuels such a pressure, but I’ll leave that to the activists and the philosophers. What I’m more interested in is distinguishing which walls and paths belong to me from which ones come from the outside pressures, because there’s a great thing about committing to be guided by one’s own self – It’s an adventure in the truest sense, because like dream, there’s no way to predict what will come next, and for whatever reason, I’m choosing to put my trust in this river.


So anyway, I’ll be hanging out here until June 6th working on implementing a food forest design and building/installing a ram pump (a natural pump which requires the water source to be at least 16 ft above the pump, but is capable of pumping water 75 ft vertically and requires no external power input). I’ll likely make a video on both of those processes.



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