Support our troops?

As I drove around the final embankment of the rolling foothills leading into Summerville Georgia there stood a prominent billboard adorned with an American flag, a decorated soldier, and the words “Dedicated to a sense of honor.” This sign was followed up by two more similar military promotional billboards in that final one mile stretch leading into this small town in Northwest Georgia. I couldn’t help but to notice the words being associated with the proposed decision to join the military these signs were obviously promoting – “Service”, “Honor”, “respect”, “for us all”, and “freedom”.

As each Memorial Day has approached in these last many years I couldn’t help but notice a building awkwardness regarding the way in which I feel the need to support (or not support) the US military and/or our brothers and sisters who have chosen to join it.

It is obvious to me that I neither have all the information regarding the situations surrounding our military involvements throughout the world, nor would I likely know the solutions even if I did, but what I can say for certain is that I have some doubt’s about our motives, and that I would feel highly uncomfortable making the decision to kill, or support the killing, of other human beings based on my limited knowledge and existing doubt’s surrounding the situation. So, now comes the question, is it right for me to support a person in their decision to do this very thing? It seems possible that US citizens, in joining the military, may be inadvertantly working in opposition to the very values that these billboards are promoting. So, what are we to do with this internal conflict surrounding our support for our well intentioned brethren who have chosen to join a branch of the US military? We obviously are to have love and compassion for all who are involved in this sad state of human affairs, and undoubtedly we need to support them in any way possible upon their return, but how do we address our support, or non-support for their decisions and actions?


2 thoughts on “Support our troops?”

  1. Compassion is all I can think of to honor ones choice to serve or not to serve. And honor all who do what they feel is their duty. I for one would never spit on a soldier who comes home from war. Which was done after the Vietnam war. The ones who don’t come home either are POW, MIA or died, have family and friends that will have my love. And will forever have a piece of my heart. For if you choose to find your way in this country of ours, never forget the ones that serve and protect your right to do so.

    1. Some of your points I obviously agree with, and honoring ones decision to do what he/she thinks is best is a mature way of responding to a situation. I ask though, at what point does one draw the line with this logic? What if what this person thinks is best is actually hurting, or even killing others? Are we not all responsible for our own actions, and therefore their effects on others? If we, the hands that pull the triggers, are not willing to take responsibility for the lives we take then who does the responsibility fall on?

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