In and out of Gainesville


For the last few days I have been helping out around Craig’s homestead here by pulling weeds, cleaning up the nursery, and doing some grafting. Craig has also been passing a few of his grafting skills and techniques on to me as we have been putting desirable plum varieties onto the native plums growing all over the property.


We’ve also been experimenting with putting a variety of melons onto the root stocks of native watermelons and Loofa, two plants that grow extremely hardily in Florida, and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it looks like they’re taking!


Between the grafting, weeding, and relaxation I also made the 30 mile trip into Gainesville, where I stayed a few days, at my new friend Suzmichè’s property, to check out the farmers market and a few of the local must-sees around town. A couple of the highlights from town were the local Co-op, the longest running poetry jam in the state, and a little place called the Re-purpose project, which was the ultimate mix between a goodwill, a garage sale, and a recycled materials yard – truly a hippy artists paradise.

Finally, after weathering a few days of rain and ringing out the tent I headed back to Citra.



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